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Sam Narasimhan, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at ARRIS and MPEG-2 System expert:
"When he retired from Philips, Jan left MPEG, but MPEG never left Jan."

Leonardo Chiagriglione, MPEG Convenor:
"MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) is one of the technologies that few people know about, but everybody relies on. It is a robust technology created by a group of experts some 20 years ago of which Jan was part. MPEG-2 TS is an incredibly vital standard that not only does the job it was designed for but is continually being extended to accommodate new features for new uses.
Jan’s book is the source everybody was looking for. Many will get the answers they were looking for but never had the opportunity to ask."

Sandy (Alexander) MacInnis, Senior Technical Director at Broadcom Corporation and Chair of the MPEG System group during MPEG-2 System Developments:
"Even if you are already quite familiar with the MPEG-2 Systems standard, I am confident that you will find many refreshing insights in Jan’s detailed and clever writing."

Vladimir Levantovsky, Senior Technology Strategist at Monotype Imaging, and MPEG Systems expert:
"This book will become a collector’s item."

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